About Tac

About Tac

Tak Tech Training Institute has been established to contribute to the development and development of human resources in our belief in building a generation of leadership in the industry of the future and from this point of view we are keen to provide all what is creative and unique in the world of training and qualification.

Tak Training Institute is a specialized training institute. The staff of the Institute is distinguished by their long and extensive experience in providing training services to a wide range of trainees, both at the administrative and technical level, in cooperation with most ministries and institutions of the State of Kuwait and abroad.

Our vision is to be a leading international center in the fields of training and development to support and develop individuals and different work institutions according to the latest training standards.

Our mission is to provide services and training programs that contribute to the development of national cadres and to build institutional capacities to enable them to carry out their tasks and roles efficiently and effectively according to the best international practices.

Our goal is:
– Develop awareness among trainees about the importance of entrepreneurship and how to pursue it.
– Generating practical ideas and innovations for graduates.
– Providing national cadres with qualifications that keep abreast of technological developments
– To highlight the capabilities and capabilities of the human competencies and care.
– Selection of successful projects in the field of training to enable the renaissance of society.
– Cooperation and exchange of experiences with local, regional and global bodies in the fields of work.

Training mode by:
محاضرات Lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops
الوسائل Modern and technological means of presentation and presentation
استخدام Use training methods according to quality standards and the latest technological technology to gain the trainee experiences and scientific and practical skills.